Precision Cornering Techniques for Today’s High Performance Rider

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About the DVD

“My primary objective in this DVD was to communicate to riders that there is a definite technology to riding. The bike wasn’t designed by opinions or good advice and riding is the same, there are technical points that need to be understood. That’s the message and focus of this film. Once a rider gets the idea there is a technology then and only then can he conquer his fears and uncertainties on cornering and at that point improvement is virtually unlimited”. – Keith Code

Essential for all motorcyclists from weekend riders to racers, Twist of the Wrist II brings Keith Code’s best selling book vividly to life, demonstrating precision techniques for overcoming barriers to cornering such as rider input, fundamentals on steering, visual skills, braking, body position, throttle control and more. The new DVD demonstrates exactly the difference between what happens when you do it right, and what happens when you do it wrong.

From canyon roads to track, techniques are fully explored and laid out using multiple camera angles, onboard shots and CG animation in over 105 minutes of spectacular Hi-Def footage.

The best performance upgrade for any rider, Twist of the Wrist II is the latest product from Keith Code, founder of The California Superbike School and trainer of numerous championship winning riders worldwide.